Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break for me, and I have the week off from teaching. I have been able to spend time with my family and writing in the last few days. It has been a welcome break as this time of year can become pretty stressful.

I am currently a couple chapters into a realistic fiction middle grade novel. It is a story about a 7th grade boy who learns about friendship while dealing with social pressures, bullies, and girls. I haven't had this much fun writing in a long time. I'm not using an outline, but the story just rolls onto the page. I guess all those years working with junior high students has given me a wealth of inspiration to draw from.

In other news I am finishing Brandon Sanderson's Alcatraz book 4. Alcatraz and the Shattered Lens. It is a very quick read, and hilarious. My wife gives me concerned looks when I bust out laughing in the middle of a chapter. Then I read it back to her, and she laughs too.

Well, it's back to writing for me for now!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when it just comes? I love it. It's the neverending editing that's killing me. It's a good think I like my characters because I've sure been spending a lot of time with them. =D

    I love Sanderson. I've only read the first two Alcatraz books so far, but the other two are on my list. With the exception of those two I've read everything he's published, and I'm doing a 2nd (slow) read through of 'The Way of Kings'. There's SO much there, I'm having to take notes.

    Happy writing!