Thursday, April 14, 2011


Recently I have read alot of blogs written by both writers, and future hopeful writers. The interesting thing I have found is that most writers have, at one time or another, thought their writing is absolute crap. I am hitting that point. Actually it is somewhat encouraging to see that I am going through stages that published writers have experienced.

Many budding writers at one time, or another read published works and think, "I can do that!" Then they sit down to write and find it is more difficult than we thought. Well laid plans fall flat, and we fall out of love with our own ideas. We become bored.

Following a period where we decide we should give up our writing habit and get a real job, (or part time job because we already have a job to support our writing dreams), parents, spouses, or friends encourage us and we start again.

We keep coming back to our urge to write, our desire to explore places and people who exist only in our imagination. Inside of us we have a story that must be told, a view of the world that we wish to share with others.

It is actually comforting to me to see that I am going through the cycle. It means I am doing the work. Many authors take years to break in only after putting in the time to learn their craft. Is it hard to realize your story won't keep your audience's interest? You bet. Frustrating. Is it difficult when you write something you feel is really good, share it with your critique group or alpha readers, only to find that you have made rookie mistakes in grammar and punctuation? Oh yeah. Embarrassing. We must understand that this is the price we must pay to earn our place as authors.

If you find yourself in this place as I have, pat yourself on the back. You are on the right track.


  1. It's funny because I've been going through this too. Part of it is a combination of jetlag and a nasty cold, but some of it comes from feeling like I've been riding the edit treadmill. I keep working and working yet I never seem to really be getting any closer to being "finished". I have a son who wants to do graphic novels--he's actually got four of them started. I'm trying to get him to DO one of them--even a webcomic to get him out there doing something everyday. There's so much about this writing thing that is quite literally an on-the-job training experience. You must write in order to get better at writing. You can study tons, but you have to take the time (sometimes a LONG time) to write in order to get good at your craft. And hope I'm not just being delusional. =D

  2. I love the Aprilynne Pike decided to give up the dream... an hour before she got the call telling her that her book sold. :) If we keep writing, we'll keep getting better, and we'll eventually win!