Thursday, January 20, 2011

The long week...

I write this as I am sitting home from school sick. This week has been very busy with having my children over the weekend and preparing for a new baby in a couple weeks. I spent the weekend mostly playing with my boys and setting up baby stuff like the crib. I have done alot of reading and listening to Writing Excuses and I am learning alot.

A major thing I learned about myself is that I need to have several projects going at one time. I want to be one of those writers that blows through a novel and moves on to the next product, but it isn't to be. I find that what I actually do is write on something until it starts feeling stale to me. Then I have to take a break from it and write on something else that is pulling at me. This helps to keep my ideas feeling fresh. It is easier to keep up 500 words per day when I feel that way. It won't work for everyone this way, but as writers we need to learn about ourselves in order to be effective. I can't try to write like other established authors. I need to be me.

In other news I have been reading Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and only have about 200 pages left. When I am finished I plan to do a review on my blog. I have also been reading parts of the Wheel of Time series to pick up some tricks, and yes, I have harkened back to the past and have read some parts of the Dragonlance books. I find that reading in the style I write helps me write better.

Cheers until next week!

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